How mankind can be benefitted.

Book 8: Chapter 14 Srimad Bhagvata Mahapurana:

Functions of a Manu and other functionaries holding office in his administration.

(Collected by mprnair.)

In answer to Maharaja Parikshit’s question as to, the Functions of a Manu and other functionaries, holding various offices in his administration, during the different Manwanthras, SukaBrahmam told him, that the Manus and their sons, the sages and the Indras, as well as the diverse orders of gods, were all under the direct command of the Supreme Power in the form of His part manifestations in each Manavantara. The Manu and his whole team, carry on the administration of the universe under the orders of the Avathara of Bhagavan, in each Manwanthara. At the end of each round of Chathuryuga or  One thousand Equinoctial Cycles- or four yugas, such as Krita yuga/ Satya yuga, (avatharas- Malsya; Koorma; Vraha; Narasimhavatharas); Treta yuga,(avatharas_ ParasuRama, SreeRama avatharas); Dwaparayuga, (avatharas- Sree Krishna, Sree Balabhadra avatharas); and Kaliyuga,(avathara as Budha born in Gaaya, Khadgi/Kalkki). 1000 Chathuryugam = 1 crore and 20 lakhs (1,20,00000) Celestial years- Divine years(Divya Varsham)-or- 432 crores of Solar years or Human years.

The seers by virtue of their asceticism and austerity, discover as they are, and teach the collections of the Vedas, which are the most precious texts, carrying the details of Dharmadharma and also which forms the Eternal Sabda-Pramana in the world, studied by Time, with the help of which the truth of the eternal religion, that is really the Sanatana Dharma, Eternal Wisdom-the Road-Map to every religion in the world, is perceived. It withstood all the invasions for thousands of years, from within and out. The 4 Purusharthas and the 4 Ashrama Dharmas, coupled with Chathurvarnyam, are the 12 strongest pillars of the edifice of Sanatana Dharma, which knowingly or unknowingly we follow as Bhagavata Dharma, through the very simple Kali Santhrana Mantra (Reciting the God’s Name in devotion to Him). Further, our ancient seers and sages and many of the present Spiritual Masters like H.H. Sree Maharanyam Muraleedhara Swamigal, have given us high-end Philosophies as simple tablets, like Maha Matra Keerthan, Kali Dharma Undhiyar, besides hundreds of sweet songs. What else we need in this Kaliyuga to lead us towards the path of God, the one and only source of Eternal Peace, the pure Conscience and the Supreme Bliss.

Instructed by Sri Hari, dwelling in their heart, and fully alert in their mind, the Manus then directly propagate on the earth, in their own time piety, with all its four limbs (asceticism; purity of mind and body; compassion, and truth (they can be put together as Saddharmma). The sons of Manu of each Manwanthara, along with their descendants, from generation to generation, protect SanatanaDharma, as well as the earth. And the demi gods also, along with those others, like the Rishees- (Saptharshees), the Pitrus, human beings and other living beings, that are connected with the performance of the five great sacrifices (Pancha Maha Yajnas as Brahma yajna; Deva yajna; Pitr yajna; Bhootha yajna and Manushya yajna) enjoy a share in the sacrificial offerings and thus they too help protect SanatanaDharma. In the end of every Chathuryuga, decline happens to Vedic dharmas (VedoktaDharma) and again it is uplifted by the sages and seers, in the beginning of next Chathuryuga. Thus Eternal Dharma (Sanatana Dharma) is again propagated from these Sruti Ganas or Vedas. Sanatana Dharma will stand the test of time; it is eternal, because of its magnanimity to add values, modify the contents and delete those obsolete ones as time changes and circumstances demand, without any prejudice to our Spirituality or Culture. In due course perhaps everyone will recognize this fact, accept and imbibe the good ideals of ‘Vasudaiva Kudumbakam’, (the World is one family),enshrined in Sanatan Dharma. It is for the whole Humanity and Humanity is not separate from Divinity.

Enjoying the limitless wealth of all the three worlds (heaven, earth and the intermediate region), conferred on him by the Lord, Indra Deva protects those three worlds and sends down profuse showers in the world according to his will. Assuming the form of Siddhas, perfect beings like the sage Sanaka and his three brothers-Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanatkumara, Sri Hari imparts wisdom in every Yuga; taking the form of Rishees (seers like the sage Yajnavalkya), He preaches the cult of rituals and, appearing in the form of Masters of Yoga (like Dattatreya), Sree Hari teaches the methods of Yoga to the world. Appearing in the form of lords of created beings (like the sage Mareechi), He carries on creation; taking the form of an independent ruler, He destroys robbers; and assuming diverse characteristics such as heat and cold in the form of Time (Kaala roopam), He sometimes annihilates all. Though depicted diversely by these so-called liberated intellectuals- whose understanding is as a matter of fact deluded by Maya Illusion), consisting of so many names and forms- through different systems of philosophy, the Lord is actually not perceived by them. But Bhagavan goes on with His Srishti by Rajoguna, Sthithi by Satwaguna and Samahara by Tamoguna. Truly speaking the purpose of Avathara of Bhagavan is not only for ‘parithranaya sadhoona, vinashayata dushkrita and dharma samshapanarthhaya’, but also to spread among the people so many different kinds of yoga margas, as envisaged again in Gita etc., and to mix and mingle with His sweet devotees, enjoy their unalloyed love towards Him and in return, through His love, He reveals to them the secret of Jnana, Karma and Bhakthi to the world. More than anything else, He likes most, the Padarajas (the dust from the feet) of His Bhakthas. He is so loving and merciful to His Bhakthas.-(Karuna-sagaram). We cannot even dream of the untold sufferings He had already undergone, still undergoing and yet to undergo in future, for the welfare of His created beings, especially for the Manushyarasi (Human race). He even took the form of a boar, for us.

One Brahma Kalpa is One Cosmological Cycle, which covers a day of Brahma (4.32 billion years) and it forms part of a Mahakalpa, covering the whole lifetime of Brahma. The Aayus (longevity) of the Present Brahma is determined as 2 Parardhhas, comprising a total of 100 Divine Years, of which 50 years are over and the 2nd Parardha has just started. It means that now we are on the 1st day, of the 1st Kalpa of the 2nd Parardhha of Brahma Deva. 1 Parardhham = 1017 (Power of 10 raised to 17). Brhmaji comes with Vedas, on the 1st day of the 1st Kalpa. This is the 5116th (five thousand one hundred and 16th year) of the 28th Kaliyuga. In this Kalpa, those well-versed in the ancient lore say, there are fourteen Manvantaras. They are beautifully described in Srimad Bhagvatam, as six Manwantharas as already over, 7th as the present Manwanthra, and the remaining 7 Manwaantharas as to come in the remaining yugas.

It is good the Rulers of our World, emulate those good examples of the Manu System of Administration, with a broad perspective of the welfare of the  whole Humanity.

Jai Hind.

God Bless America.



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