Some of the ‘ Balaleelas’ (Childhood pranks) of Krishna and message they convey.

               Krishna’s Balaleelas are innumerable. Even the thousand tongued ‘Anantha’ cannot describe them in full. Each story,when we go deep into it, conveys a secret message that the Spiritual being with in us is Real Bhagavan. We have to realize it. When we discover our own self , we find our own Lord. The Self is all and nothing exists beyond and apart. We do not search anything else, because all other things are Maya.

              Putana for instance, the most fierce demoness, Kamsa sent to kill baby Krishna, attained Moksha in the last. That is the beauty of it. Even the very sinner becomes pure with the contact of Paramathma.

            Yasodama was fondling child Krishna in her lap. Suddenly the child became very heavy in weight like one made out of iron. She was unable to bear the weight and so she laid down the child on the ground and went to some household work. As directed by Kamsa, a fierce demon Thrinavartha suddenly came there in the form of a whirlwind and carried away the child.The whole Gokula was filled with dust and darkness. As the demon reached the sky, he could not proceed further because of the heaviness of the child. He became powerless and since the child was holding on the demon’s neck tightly, the demon fell flat breathless on his back, carrying the child on his chest. All his limbs were scattered here and there.The Gopees and Gopaas watched the scene with awe and wonder.He was also given Moksha in the last.
             Baby Krishna was very naughty. He would untie the calves of the Gopees before the milking time . He would steal their milk, butter and curds and divide them among monkeys, after eating , what they want. He made wholes in the pots hanging  in the tripod. With the help of a mortar, he reaches them. The dark rooms were illumined by the glitter of his own body and jewels. Once a Gopi took hold of him red-hand and went to Yasodamma, about this mischief. Surprisingly she found child Krishna standing by his mother’s side. She felt ashamed and went home.
             On another day, brother Balaramaswamy and some other boys complained to Yasodamma that baby Krishna had eaten earth.She got afraid that this will impair his health. When asked why he did so, he replied that he didn’t eat earth and if she wanted she could examine his mouth. Baby Krishna opened his mouth and Yasodamma saw the the whole universe of sentient and insentient objects , the sky, the cardinal points, the mountains, continents, seas, the whole earth, air, fire, the Sun, the moon and the stars , the seven dweeps, planets, Devas, the mind, the senses, Karma and seeds, even Brindavan and herself in his mouth.  She was really surprised and understood the truth that it was Paramathma, standing before her.  She lost her memory of the vision by His Yoga Maya.
She knew Krishna to be her own son and put him on her lap.
              The above story exhorts the four Sidhanthas enunciated in our Sanathana Dharma  Shasthra , known also by other names like the breath of Lord, our religious constitution, the strong edifice of Indian Philosophy and the like.
The Sidhanthas are:
1.  The entire phenomenal world we see around us, is the manifestation of Brahman
2.  With the process of  continuous, contemplation, profound and repeated meditation and                  internalzation  (Nithidhyanam) , one can commune with the Universal Force (Prapancha Shakthi) or Brahman. Other examples from Srimad Bhagvatham, are Prince Dhruva talking with Lord Sri Hari, Prahladakumara taliking with Lord NrisimhaMoorthy and Naradarshi communicating with all Devas.
3.  There are two kinds of egos ( aham bodham) in man: a) the .phenomenal ego or normal ego  b) higher ego (nithanda ahambodham) or eternal ego.  With the blessing of a Sad Guru, using the higher ego, a true disciple can realize his identity with the Brahman.(Swaswaroopa Sanddhanam), and ,
4.  The ultimate aim of human birth is none other than realizing his identity with the Eternal Self and attain Brahma. It is the only way for ‘Brahma Nirvana’.
                 Child Krishna liberated two Arjuna trees , in Brindaban, who were the sons of Kubera- Nala koobara and Manigreeva – and who were cursed to become trees on account of their pride by Naradarshi. Krishna got the name ‘Damodara’ from that incident.
                 Child Krishna’s escape from Shaktasura, Vatsaura, Bakasura, Aghasura, Dhenukasura, Pralambasura, Chanooran, Mushtikan, Arishtan, Keshi, Bhouman, Vani, Narakasura, Gardabhasura, Vyomasura, to name a few,   killing all of them and giving Moksha in the end are few other stories of great interest.
                  He suppressed the pride of Kaliya and saved the people around the place.
                  He killed the huge Elephant ‘Kuvalayapeeddam’ of Kamsa and later Kamsa.
                  He swallowed the whole Forest Fire two times, that occurred in Vraja and Bdharika, and saved hundreds of thousands of people and cattle.
                  Stealing of Clothes of Gopikas is a very interesting story and the Gopika Geetham is very sweet and melodious.
                  His charming Music from his Flute was so wonderful that every thing in the world seemed to listen to it and enjoy.
                  Govardhana was blessed by Him, in a story of a conflict with Indraji.
                  Likewise hundreds of thousands of Balaleelas are there in Srimad Bhagavatham and in many Scriptural texts. Iscon has an exhaustive repository of them. Still, even in these days, new stories are pouring in from almost every where and they flourish ubiquitously. I am certain that Krishna is among us  and that is why new stories are coming out every day. In Guruvayoor Sri Krishna Temple, which is known as ‘Bhooloka Vaikuntam’, miracles are happening almost every day; sometimes  only few stories come out.
                   Do you think that we can evaluate Krishna’s immense potentiality and power from these stories, and His similar Avathara Leelas? They are really only a very minute part of His Supreme Power,which is beyond our imagination.
                   Srimad Bhagvatham testifies to it in Verse 21, Chapter 87, Canto 10 (Utharardham) as:

                                “duravagamaathmatatvanigamaaya thavaathathano :
                                 charitha mahamruthaabdhi parivartha parisramanaa :
                                 na parilashanthi kechidapavarggamapeeswara the
                                 charanasarojahamsakulasangavisrushtagruhaa :
                   (While reading the above verse, kindly pronounce all syllables as such)

                 Please see even the first word used is ‘duravagam’, meaning so difficult to realize (in the sense unimaginable, immeasurable, immensely strong and voluminous). We cannot even dream of His power. The verse continues to say that some people who got over there tiredness due to the cycling of births and deaths, by immersing into the ocean of nectar-like stories relating to Him, who assumed numerous personal forms for revealing the truth about His own Self, which is very difficult to realize, and who renounced their home as a result of their company with devotees, do not aspire even for liberation. We should never try to evaluate His power. It will end like the story of the salt doll, tried to measure the depth of the sea.
                 His power is Anantham, Ajnatham, Avarnaneeyam. The only way out is total and unconditional surrender (sampoorna sharanagathy) at His Lotus Feet.

                         “Padaravindame sharanam, Guruvayoorappa Sharanam”


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