Sat-Sanga Peeyoosham, a must read Book

SATSANGA PEEYOOSHAM ” is a compendium of essayas in Malayalam,on spititual and cultural topics ,compiled by Shri: P. N. Balakrishnan Nair. Most of them have been broad-cast as “Subhaashithams” by All India Radio, Trivandrum Station over the last ten years.This is their first appearance in book form.
The book contains 365 pages comprising comprehensive essays on 21 topics in PartOne, and 20 topics in Part Two.
The topics include, Principle and purpose of prayer, How to maintain close relationship with God, Causes for grief and their remedies, Causes of fear and their remedies, Will-power vs faith in God, Observe mind and control it, Love should be unselfish, Let the mind be free from evil infuences, Pilgrimage to mental peace, Spiritual literacy, Man-woman equality in the household, The need for politeness in word and deed, Place of Gita in our daily life, Human effort and God’s help, Discipline in Individual and society, Human values and so on …..Price.Rs.225
His another famous Book is : Life and message of SadGuru Swami Abhedanandaji Maharaj;  Price Rs: 90/-
Copies can be had from :-
Abhedashramam, Fort, Trivandrum -695023, Kerala, India(Phone 0471-2450519)
To get copies by Post: Please contact the author :-
P.N.Balakrishnan Nair, J/49, KRIPA, Jyothi Nagar, Kesavadasapuram, Trivandrum-695004
Kerala, India.(Phone 0471-2541716 or mobile 9847661716)

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