Do not ignore ‘Luck’, that is in our hand.

“Your mind has enormous hidden dimensions. Open yourselves completely to
whatever reactions and emotions the world evokes from time to time. Accept them
all without any reservation or resentment. By assimilating everything and all, your
mind grows deeper, stabler and more enriched.”
“Realize that this is your birthright. This is your potential and possibility. Don’t argue, don’t lament or weep! Your mind can be set right! And the power to set it right is within yourself. It is a question of using the power, employing it and asserting it every time. None of you should suffer unduly. There is no necessity at all.”
These are the golden words of Paramahamsa Parivrajaka Sadguru Swamy Bhoomananda
Theerthaji Maharaj, who is continuing his highly scholarly discourse, ‘Mukthi Sudhakaram’ in Asianet Television Channel from March 22, 2010 onwards, based on the 11th Skandha of Srimad Bhagavatham, Monday through Saturday morning every week .
As Ma Gurupriyaji commented on this huge ‘Yagna’ we are hearing words of wisdom
directly from the right Teacher. We are like having a Divine Bath in the Devotional
Nectar of almost all our ancient Scriptures , besides Srimad Bhagavatham. Swamiji quotes profusely and explains in unequivocal terms that even a lay man can follow him so easily. Hearing his words of wisdom, we experience the presence of the Supreme Lord in our hearts. Each of his word relates to the day to day life of every human being. There is a lot to study, imbibe and assimilate from his speech. I feel often that Swamiji is the Avatara of Lord Krishna, especially when he reiterates Bhagavan’s words to Udhava. We are the luckiest to hear it in this century. But, I am really afraid to hear Swamiji repeating recently with pain, amidst his discourse that it will be difficult to proceed this manifestly voluminous Yagna, unless there is ample involvement of Devotees to help sponsor the program, of which only we are all the beneficiaries. It is for us, each one, irrespective of caste, creed colour,sex or age.
May our minds remain fixed at Sri Hari’s Lotus Feet, to do what is necessary to hear this Maha Yagna in full. It is really an unprecedented and spiritually enlightening discourse of the greatest soul of this century.If we miss this we will be the most unlucky people.Let us pray and do whatever we can for the grand success of this ‘Theevra Yagna’, the kind of which we have not seen before and we may not see afterwords. Please do not ignore it now and repent later.
Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya.
‘Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu’
mprnair; 3rd May 2011.

1 thought on “Do not ignore ‘Luck’, that is in our hand.

  1. “None of you should suffer unduly. There is no necessity at all.”- Yes. Powerful words. Thank you for sharing.

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