Bhagavatha Dharma..Last installment

Bhagvatha Dharma-11:
Eleventh and Twelfth Skandas:

1059. Pathitha skhalitha schaartha:Kshuthwa vaa vivashofbruvanHaraye nama: ithychai:muchyathe sarva pathakaath.(When you are falling down, when you commit errors , when extreme sorrow befalls you, when you are sneezing and when you are tired, loudly say “Sri Haraye Nama:” (Prostrations to Sree Hari); then you are freed from all sins and you attain God-realization
Bhave Bhave yathaa Bhakti: paadayosthava jaayathe,
Thathaa kurushwa devesha: naathasthwam no yatha: prabho.
Naamasankeerthanam yasya sarva papa pranaashanam
Pranaamo du:khasamana: tham namaami Harim param.
(Oh! God of all Gods! You are our Master and sole protector. Do unto us, that by which we can get unflinching devotion to your Holy Feet. We prostrate before Lord Hari, the chanting of whose names destroys all our sins and prostration before whom mitigates all our sorrows.)

[Thus the translation of Bhagavatha Dharmam by Shri: PNB Nair ends here. It contains 1060 Suthras (Axioms)which bring out the essence of Srimad Bhagavatham. Bhagavatha Dharmam is not a verbatim interpretation of Srimad Bhagavatham. Bhagavatha Dharmam is really the Devotee (Bhakthan), the Devotion (Bhakthi) and the Deva(Bhagavan)(the Supreme Truth). It shows the interrelation among theses three. It explains the Devotional duties through which mortal beings could be rid of all fears. The observance of this Bhagavatha Dharmam is the very essence of Srimad Bhagavatham and it will take one to the ultimate goal of God Realization.]

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