Bhagavatha Dharma – 11

Bhagavatha Dharma -11:
Eleventh and Twelfth Skandas :
1024. Detachment comes from contemplation.
1025. When you feel detached from each and every object in this world, it means you have developed devotion to God.
1026. So long as God remains away from your body, there will be a bad smell for the body.
1027. By merely thinking about godly men you can become free from all sins.
1028. Man’s natural tendency is to live a bestial life in younger days. So try to get rid of your beastliness under the supervision of a Guru.
1029. Don’t talk much. Try to observe silence at least for three hours daily.
1030. Misuse of tongue (words) and hands (actions) is a great offence against God.
1031. Do not condemn the faith of other religions.
1032. Pray daily without fail.
1033. The body has its origin from desire. So the paths of Yoga and Knowledge are not suitable for God–realization in Kaliyuga. Chanting the Names of God is the simplest and most effective means for this in Kaliyuga.
1034. Almost everyone possesses theoretical knowledge. But only virtuous persons can translate that knowledge into their life.
1035. Try to speak sweetly; and keep a cool temperament.
1036. It is a sin to think about the sins of others.
1037. Don’t get elated by gains or dejected by losses.
1038. Give help to others as the Sun does. But never feel proud about doing so.
1039. Don’t cry when someone dies. You must cry only to get God.
1040. Don’t get entangled in sorrows and pleasures. Try to remain happy in any event.
1041. Man, who is now Nara can become Narayana if he tries for that.
1042. Man and woman engaged in spiritual practices should necessarily avoid mutual company
1043. Give away your wealth instead of amassing it.
1044. The main thing that causes man’s downfall is his tongue. He who has his tongue under control will get God also under his control.
1045. Your desire for enjoyment of pleasures is the cause for all your sorrows.
1046. Learn innocence from children.
1047. Don’t entertain desire for pleasures.
1048. Peace of mind is alien to those who live in cities. Therefore, holy men should live in solitude.
1049. God creates, protects and destroys everything by His Maya (delusive power)
1050. Even birds and animals are uplifted by the company of Holy men. Therefore, avoid the company of lustful people.
1051. Idle talk is a great sin. Speak only with measured words.
1052. Penance is the name of giving up desires. Giving up tendencies is Chivalry. Meditation of God is Truth. Righteousness is the greatest Wealth. A pundit is on who knows the path to reach God. He who translates his knowledge into life is Wise. He who installs ego in his intellect is Ignorant. One who is rich in his good qualities is the really rich man. That which is subordinate to Maya is soul. One who is always happy is the really wealthy man. One who is always unhappy is the destitute. One who has the senses under his control is God. The brave is one who has destroyed all his internal foes. A true Bhakta is he who does not entertain even the slightest degree of contempt against anyone.
1053. Human body is most sacred. If you don’t get the good fortune for the company of holy men, don’t get disappointed. But you must strictly avoid the company of worldly men. The duty of avoiding the company of worldly men is yours.
1054. Don’t be exulted by praises. So also don’t get dejected by insults. One who cannot bear insult is a weakling. One who insults you is really your well-wisher.
1055. Don’t get into the problems of others unnecessarily. Try to uplift yourself first.
1056. It is difficult to please the world; it is not so difficult to please God.
1057. Everyone knows that the last journey has to be performed alone. Nevertheless, man cannot live without woman, and woman cannot live without man. What a paradox?
1058. At the time of death, man should think only about the God’s form. God will then convert that man into His own form.
(To be continued)

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