Bhavatha dharmam – 10

Bhagavatha Dharmam-10 :
Tenth Skandha(Second half):
(Translation by Shri: PNB Nair)
996. This world is never bad. It is your polluted mind that sees the world as bad.
997. So long as the mind contains emotions and tendencies, it will remain polluted. Mind will get purified insofar as these emotions and tendencies are controlled.
998. Tightly hold the holy feet of God well before your body is invaded by the disabilities due to old age and time.
999. In old age, people lie in the sick bed for seventeen days and die on the eighteenth day.
1000. The sorrows of birth, old age and death are your own creations.
1001. You must learn the secret of action and give up all actions before actions themselves give you up. When you give up all actions, you become surrendered to God.
1002. There are two rules which man should necessarily observe:-(1) Give up sins; and (2) Perform good actions.
1003. A man breathes 21600 times a day. So if he can recite on name of God along with each breath, his life will be fulfilled without doubt.
1004. When you are fifty years old, know that death has already occupied half of your body.
1005. Giving the senses whatever worldly objects that the body needs for its upkeep is using them. But giving the senses whatever they ask for the sake of sensual enjoyment is misusing them. Those who misuse wealth and strength are Daityas(Demons).Those entrapped in fashion-related tendencies are merely misusing their time and money.
1006. (i) Lakshmi is the name of money acquired through all means, fair as well as foul .That money is used for good causes as well as for enjoyment of pleasures.(ii) Maha Lakshmi is the name of money acquired through rightful employment based on eligibility and other righteous means .That money is used only for noble purposes.(iii) Alakshmi is the name of money acquired only through sinful means. That is used only for the enjoyment of sensual pleasures. That money will continue to give disturbance and restlessness to man.
1007. Don’t enter into a marriage as a slave to the senses. You should marry only with full control over the senses.
1008. Listen to the stories of Lord Krishna over and over again. He will attract your mind and make it His own.
1009. If the wife is virtuous, her husband will be free from sorrows.
1010. Speak only what you think in your mind. Try to maintain unity of your words and deeds.
1011. Treat Lakshmi(goddess of wealth) as your mother and worship at home. That will make you happy. If you try to become Lakshmi’s master, you will be beaten by the broomstick of Alakshmi.
1012. Don’t be under the control of your innate nature. Rather, keep it under your control. Innate nature will be cultured by positive actions, thoughts about God, recital of God’s names, company of godly men, reading of good books etc.
1013. First ensure that your mind is cultured. Then only you should start to advise the world. If your own inner self gets satisfaction from your actions, it shows that your innate nature has been cultured.
1014. If Veda Mantras get into the hands of sensuous people, they will interpret the Mantras according to their convenience, by giving opposite meanings.
1015. If Brahmacharis come to your house, receive them respectfully.
1016. The soul becomes restless in old age.
1017. If there is difference of opinion at home, go on a pilgrimage.
1018. Destitution is not a misfortune. Forgetting God in destitution is the greatest misfortune
.1019. One who eats food without sharing it with others will become destitute.
1020. Give up all your enmities and tendencies before death. Tendencies will cause rebirth.
1021. If man will think about death often, he cannot commit sins.
1022. Desire (for worldly pleasures) is a strong impediment to Bhakti.
1023. If a man’s food is impure, his prayer will also be impure.
(To be continued)

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