Bhagavata Dharmam – 6

CHAPTER-VI (Fifth and Sixth Skandhas)

446. Giving up all worldly activities at once is dangerous. Renounce them gradually using due discrimination.

447. Detachment arises when it is realized that this world is a mere illusion. Attachment is due to the feeling that it is real.

448. Never give the mind an opportunity to commit sin.

449. Train your mind to keep away from worldly affairs.

450. Do not reject anything. You must feel the presence in everything. If you can salute every one with a dispassionate state of mind, that will be beneficial for your spiritual uplift.

451. One who cannot control his senses will continue to be a pleasure-monger even if he lives in a forest.

452. Keep the mind focused on the aim of life and perform your actions on the basis of that aim.

453. If you want to be happy, you must necessarily forget the past. Forsake the worldly bonds of forty years and go to the forest and live a secluded life from the forty-first year.

454. Passions and Vasanas (tendencies) will not leave you without leading a married life.

455. Human life is not intended for enjoyment of worldly pleasures. It is for doing Thapas (penance)

456. Human life which is very rare,should not be wasted on silly pleasures of the senses.

457. Because of your passion and interest towards sensual pleasures, your body and soul remain separate. Therefore you cannot experience the presence of God in you.

458. Because of too much attraction towards materialistic objects of the world, materialism becomes deep-rooted in you.

459. Preaching Brahmajnana (Spiritual knowledge) on the one hand, and craving for fame and riches on the other, is futile knowledge. Such pseudo-preaching of Brahmajnana is detrimental to both the preacher and the listener.

460. Jnanis (wise men) do not entertain special love for anything. They do not talk unnecessarily. They do not keep any thing for themselves.

461. By serving great men you get the passport to enter the kingdom of Bhakti.(Devotion)

462. One who is not able to uplift those immersed in the world of actions is not a real Guru even if he is considered to be so by the world; kinsmen appearing to be so in common view are not kinsmen; father is not father; mother is not mother, because they have no right to be a Guru or kinsman or father or mother.

463. Never trust your senses. Also do not trust the mind if it is running after the senses.

464. If you cannot detach yourself from the worldly desires, it means you have not learned even the elementary lessons of Bhakti.

465. Power of our eyes is derived power the mind, power of the mind from intellect and power of the intellect comes from the cosmic power.

466. Do your duty. But do not desire to enjoy its result.

467. He who practices self control and detachment from a very young age, and has a growing taste for Satsang and Bhajan, reaches God in his old age.

468. You must overcome Kama (desires) while you are young. Youth is the time when desires for wealth and pleasures arise in man. Therefore, if you overcome desires at a young age, detachment will become your constant companion.

469. God has invested Maya (delusive power of God) in four things. namely, (1) Extreme fascination or tasty foods; (2) Avarice or excessive desire for wealth; (3) Being fussy about dressing; (4) Restlessness in the matter of household affairs. What is condemned here is the tendency of undue desire for worldly pleasures and not women in general.

470. Unlimited love towards any individual will cause hindrance to worship of God.

471. Do not place unlimited love on any one in such a measure as to hinder your prayers and worship of God.

472. By thinking of worldly things, you lose your peace of mind.

473. There is no necessity to give up your home. What is to be given up is your attachment to it.

474. Contact with God or Godly men will fulfill your life. The result of all other contacts is misery only.

475. Do not eat anything after Eleven at night, because that time belongs to Rakshasas (devils)476. You should take bath and pay oblations to the Sun before sunrise.

477. Perform your duties as a devotee properly and lead a life fully devoted to God.

478. Man commits more sins mentally than physically.

479. Mental worship is not easy. Even a slight thought about worldly objects can cause obstruction to mental worship.

480. If you do sacred observances regularly for twelve years you will reap their good results without doubt.

481. Ego is at the root of all our short comings. It is very difficult to overcome inherent tendencies acquired in the long past.

482. Let any one live in your house; but allow none in your mind.

483. The world outside is not a hindrance to worship. The real hindrance to Bhakti is the world within you.

484. Don’t be crooked and never put on false appearances. Too much of simplicity is also dangerous.

485. One who is not your friend need not be your enemy. But it is certain that today’s friend will turn out to be your enemy on any other day.

486. Practice non-attachment, while living in your house. Thereafter, abandon the house.

487. We should expect death any time and be ready for it. One who is ready to face death will not fear it.

488. Man prepares everything for his next birth, during the present birth itself.

489. Never disregard any living being including animals and birds.

490. If a person shows symptoms of Bhakti even from childhood, it can be taken that he is living his last birth. Similarly if a person is able to see the presence of God everywhere, that person also is in his last birth.

491. Jnana( spiritual knowledge) is not for preaching to others. Its purpose is to worship God and to develop Bhakti.

492. Jnana is not for enjoyment of pleasures. It is only for seeking God.

493. Improper use of words and water are great crimes.

494. Words improperly used will bring destruction to the user. Same is the case with water also.

495. Speaking and eating are the functions of the tongue. It therefore requires strict control.

496. Hatred and tendencies give rise to new activities.

497. New activities cause new births also.

498. Your mind can be controlled only by yourself.

499. Eat food which nourishes your body, without regard to taste.

500. When a man constantly experiences the presence of God near him, he remains under the cover of fearlessness.

501. Teachings (of Guru) should be received with humility.

502. Speak only such words that are pleasing and beneficial to others.

503. If you happen to tell a lie, observe fasting on that day. Also recite the names of God in order to atone for the sin of telling lies.

504. Approach holy men in order to attain purity of mind.

505. Tendency to commit sin arises from ignorance. Ego is the root cause of ignorance.

506. If you are lucky enough to surrender yourself to Lord Sri Krishna, you will not have the desire to commit sinful actions.

507. Bhakti purifies the mind of even the most atrocious man. Control of the mind or control of the senses, or observance of penance will not purify the mind as much as Bhakti.

508. A man who remembers God at every inhalation and exhalation of his breath cannot commit any sin.

509. Ignorance is rooted out by knowledge. To keep the knowledge steady we must surrender ourselves to God. If ignorance is not rooted out, Vasanas (tendencies) cannot be destroyed. Vasanas prompt man to commit sins.

510. Vasanas are destroyed by self-surrender more effectively than by self control.

511. Think of the sublime form of God without break. Recite the supreme names of God constantly. By his practice you will reach the abode of God.

512. Engage yourself constantly in worship, meditation and Japa (recital of God’s names). Otherwise, be firm in any one of these Sadhanas.(practices)5

13. Meditation of God purifies mind. So, make meditation a regular habit. If you do not get concentration while meditating, take to recital of God’s names. If that too is found difficult, surrender everything to God.

514. Those who resort to the recital of God’s names will definitely have God realization one day.

515. Recite God’s names at every footstep. If you do so, you can have a meeting with Yagna Purusha. Constant recital of God’s names is the most effective method to reach God in Kaliyuga.

516. He who is constant in Japa Sadhana can even change his destiny.

517. There are two rules to be observed invariably in the performance of JapaSadhana. (1)Brahmacharya Celibacy) and (2)Aparigraha (Non-acceptance of worldly possessions.)

518. By completing Japa 50million times, knowledge of God’s divine form will dawn in you. On completion of Japa 130 million times, Jeeveswara Aikyam (union of individual soul with cosmic soul) will take place.

519. Love of God can be achieved only by the gradual rejection of delusive objects of the world. Gold (wealth) and women are the two main objects of delusion. Make all efforts to ensure that these two do not find place in your mind.

520. The mind of Ajamila was distracted at the very sight of an immoral woman. Is it necessary to describe the state of the mind of those who watch cinemas today?

521. Sin enters into our mind at the very first sight. Because of distorted sight, our mind soon becomes impure.

522. Do not look at any one except on the basis of spirituality.

523. Quality of a man’s life depends mainly on his food, possessions, pleasures, position, children and books. If these are negative or retrograde, his life is bound to be a failure.

524. Recital of God’s names even without knowing their meaning or importance will be beneficial.

525. When you fall down or some misfortune comes to you, don’t cry out “Hayyo” “Hayyo”, but say “Hari” Hari”

.526. Even the greatest sinner, if he repents for his sinful actions, can transform his life. Therefore, sinners should not be rejected.

527. A man who is attracted by wealth and women will become a puppet in the hands of Maya (delusion)

528. Those who are deluded by the pleasures of the world are not entitled to worship God.

529. Even the greatest sinners need not lose heart. God’s names will root out all their sins.

530. Mahatmas (great souls), even if they happen to curse some one, will soon confer their blessings on them.

531. Widows are as sacred as the river Ganges.

532. Never change (according to your convenience) Mantra (Name of God given by Guru for recital), Moorthy (form of God given by Guru for meditation), and Mala (string of beads given by Guru for counting while reciting God’s names)

533. On whom God showers His special grace, that fortunate man will have no special desires for worldly pleasures.

534. If any hindrance occurs to worldly pleasures, take it that God is going to give you unworldly pleasures.

535. After marriage, most people lead a life like that of an animal . (What a pity)

( To be continued)

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