(Trnaslated by Shri. P.N. Balakrishnan Nair)

216. Keep the mind always engaged in spiritual activities. If the mind is allowed to rest even for short while, it is likely to slip into sinful thoughts.

217. Eating food is not a sin. But self-identification with food and forgetting God for the sake of food are sins.

218. Followers of Saranagathi Dharma (the principle of surrender to God) become more and more humble. So they receive God’s grace.

219. One who defeats his tongue is the real winner. The life those who cannot master their tongue will be a failure.

220. If food is pure, simple and limited, it will develop good qualities. Consequently, power of endurance increases and power of endurance makes the intellect steady.

221. Lead a very simple life. Simple life makes you a Sadhu. (Godly man)

222. Intellect will get polluted by taking food from the house of sinners.

223. When a man’s life becomes pure, the Lord visits his house uninvited and stays there always.

224. Chant the Lord’s names with intense devotion so that He will come and knock at our doors.

225. God will respect him who has given up ego.

226. Our mind reflects what we are closely attached to.

227. Man’s mind is pure at the time of birth. Later, it changes in accordance with its associations in the world. While good associations give fulfillment of life, bad associations bring down-fall. Association with people leading luxurious life makes a man greedy of material pleasures. On the other hand, association with spiritually evolved men makes him spiritually inclined. Bad habits, once acquired cannot be changed easily. So come what may, let the mind and intellect be never allowed to go astray from God.Always remember the following words of Sri Bhagavan:-Mayyeva mana aadhtswa, mayi budhim nivesayaNivasishyasi mayyeva atha urdhwam na samsaya: (Geeta 12-8)(Repose your mind in me, let your intellect enter into me, then you shall, without doubt live in me here and hereafter)

228. Follow the teachings of great men in your life.

229. By thinking of the great Rishis early in the morning, their good qualities will enter into our mind.

230. Robbery and immoral life are great sins. Those committing these sins should be discarded, even if they are your parents or brothers.

231. No one should be rejected. But their sins should be rejected.

232. Bhakti is not accessible to those who wander in pursuit of the senses.

233. It is God’s grace that gives us the chance for company with Godly men. But it is our own responsibility, to avoid bad company.

234. God’s grace will not be available, until worldly pleasures are given up.

235. Penance destroys all sins and makes the life pure. It is the duty of house-holders to look after the house-hold during eleven months of the year and to do penance in solitude at a holy place during the remaining one month.

236. The first step towards penance is control of tongue.

237. Where there is love, there even the life of a beggar would be enjoyable without hesitation.

238. Those who rob the wealth of others are ‘ Dhritharashtras’

239. A son who follows the path of virtue can open the gates to the heavenly abode for his parents.

240. One who does no work and lives on the food provided by others, is robber. One who captures the wealth of others and lives on that is also robber. A man having means, but failing to entertain guests properly is robber. One who cooks food for himself (without sharing it with others) is robber. One who eats food without offering it to the God of fire is also robber.

241. Greed is the father of sin and selfishness is its mother.

242. One who insults his invited guests will fall into hell.

243. Those who endure everything, despite having the strength to resist are Mahatmas.

244. They are Rakshasas(Devilish)who misuse their power. They are Devas (Godly) who make use of their power, wealth and time intelligently.

245. Satwik food gives the power of endurance. Those who can control hunger are bound to be happy.

246. Do not get angry with those who insult you. Take insult as blessing of God or as a good omen.

247. If needs are reduced, sins will also reduce.

248. The good results of pilgrimage will be available in full, if it is performed in conformity with scriptural requirements. Before starting a pilgrimage the following vows are to be taken:-i) From today I will observe strict celibacy;ii) From today I will not get angry with any one. andiii) From today I will avoid idle talk.

249. If Brahmins or holy men are not respected, pilgrimage will not yield any result.

250. If you suffer insult without protest, your sins will be passed on to the person who insulted you and simultaneously, his punya (merits of past good actions)) will come to you.

251. Observe fasting on the day you reach any holy place. Never insult Brahmins(Those who have realized the Supreme Truth) and other Mahatmas (great souls). By fasting at holy places and refraining from insulting others, you are freed from all sins and your body also gets purified. Satwik Bhava will dawn in you.

252. Holy waters become holy because of touch of Holy men.

253. Excessive wealth brings danger.

254. Think of cremation ground at least three or four times a day. That will bring out change in your understanding.

255. Discussion of worldly matters on the banks of Yamuna is sin.

256. When you see a herd of cows, mentally visualize Lord Sri Krishna standing in their midst.

257. Get your senses wedded to God and not to worldly pleasures.

258. When the pain of separation becomes unbearable, you will get God

259. If a man can imagine that he is always in the presence of God, he will not be affected by grief, fear or delusion.

260. On seeing Mahatmas do not speak to them about worldly subjects.

261. He who has been accepted by God as His own, will never come back to the world of miseries.

262. So long as a man belongs to some one in this world, he cannot belong to God.

263. Perform only such acts as would please God.

264. The very sight of a sinner will frighten us.

265. Sins will not leave us without suffering their results.

266. Surrender your Punya (results of good actions) always to God.

267. Best thing should necessarily be offered to God.

268. A man who commits sins will take rebirth as animal.

269. On whom God showers His mercy, that man’s mind becomes pure.

270. Women should avoid walking outside their houses after sun set.

271. At sun set, worship Tulasi, by lighting a lamp at its bed, and performing Arathi with Deepa (light) and Dhoopa(fragrant smoke)

272. Sun set is the time when Lakshmi( Goddess of wealth) visits the house. At that time,if the front door is closed , Lakshmi will go back after saying “Jaya Sree Krishna”.

273. Perform Japa (recital of God’s Names) at every evening without fail.

274. Do not pamper the body too much.

275. If the husband and wife do not have self-control, their children will become sinful.

276. It is essential to observe Brahmachrya (celibacy) on sacred days like Dwitheeya, Panchami, Ashtami, Ekadasi,Chathurthi,Pournami, Amavasya, and on other days of special significance like birthday etc.

277. Your Bhakti (devotion) will not develop if your associates are devoid of Bhakti.

278. Today, because of ‘fashion’ and other weaknesses of man, his time and wealth are being wasted. Those who are under the grip of such weaknesses do not find time to serve God. Therefore, those who wish to serve God should not get entangled in such ‘fashion and weaknesses.

279. Avoid discrimination in the matter of giving food.

280. Down fall of great men occurs not due to Kama(desires) but due to Krodha (anger).

281. Error in the path of service will also lead to one’s down fall.

282. Spiritual practices should be continued till the last breath, even after reaching the stage of Sidha (achiever).

283. Do not bother about what the world speaks about us. But we must always try to ascertain the opinion of the Lord of the world about us.

284. Give the names of God not only to your children but also to your house.

285. Bhakti will not arise so long as the delusions about names and forms remain in our mind.

286. Pride of Knowledge is the cause of down fall for the followers of Jnana Marga (the path of knowledge)

287. Lobha(greed) is what stands in the way of Bhakti Marga.(the path of devotion)

288. Kama(desire) stands in the way of Karma Marga(the path of actions)

289. The enemy of Jnana Marga (the path of knowledge) is Krodha(anger)

290. By discrimination it may be possible to control desires, but not anger.

291. It is extremely difficult to overcome anger.

293. If you commit a sin, however small it may be, within the premises of a temple, its impact will be tremendous.

294. If you do not repent from the bottom of your heart about sins, if any, you have committed, you cannot get the vision of God even after many births and deaths.

295. Seeing one’s own faults will give as much good results as a vision of God does.

296. If there is greed in you, it will go on increasing every moment. Increasing is the nature of greed.

297. Increase of greed gives rise to excessive passion for worldly pleasures. Enjoyment of worldly pleasures results in the increase of sins.

298. Greed should be destroyed with the weapon called ‘contentment’. Contentment is a great wealth.

299. All actions done for common good are Yagnas(sacrifices). Such actions will purify your mind.

300. Speaking the truth is a great Yagna.

301. The root cause of all sins is the misuse of the tongue. words)

302. He whose life is free from sins will definitely enjoy peace and happiness.

303. Intelligence is not to be used merely for earning wealth .It should be used for the worship of God.

304. Human body has nine openings in it. The soul leaves the body through them. If the senses are used for the service of God, the soul will merge in God.

305. To control oneself, without causing grief to anyone by thought, word or deed is a great Yagna. Unnecessary tormenting of the soul will cause a break to this Yagna. Always remaining peaceful is another Yagna.

306. Without purity of heart knowledge will not sustain in the mind. Bookish knowledge is not real knowledge.

307. God’s presence cannot be experienced in an impure mind

.308. Sustained knowledge is absent in man because of his life immersed in luxuries.309. Those who rely merely on bookish knowledge are the ‘so called pundits’, while those who constantly serve God with pure love are ‘real pundits’

(To be Continued)

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