Where is the World going ?


Do you think that things are going in the right direction? What is North Korea Doing? Is not the World Peace at risk? We are having enough problems even now. It seems that we, ourselves are creating problems every day that may eventually topple down the balance of the Universe. As Bernard Shaw said in his Commonsense and Nuclear Warfare, the Moon may split, crumble and melt….. The moral values of people are also deteriorating. People expected to uphold law, order, and justice, are doing injustice, they help hooligans, taking big money from them.  It is this money that makes one vicious.

‘ Ýada Yadahi Dharmasya Glanir Bhavathi Bharata,

Abhyutdhanamadharmasya Tadatmanam Srujamyaham ‘ …..

Is the present ‘ Dharma Chyuti ‘ foreshadows a ‘Re-Awatara’ of a ‘Sakti’ to mitigate all evils?

“Let us pray ” Sarvesham Swasthir Bhavathu.”


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